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KARMA AND CROW: Decorate Your Own Boob Mug (Aug 12th)

KARMA AND CROW: Decorate Your Own Boob Mug (Aug 12th)

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Hosted by See Someone Studio + The Tit Club founder and creative director Es - come and paint your very own tit mug whilst hanging out and sipping wine at Karma and Crow. You'll also have access to the Hard Gnoc Life Menu throughout the workshop (Yes Karma + Crow operates as a gnocchi bar in the evenings, how good!).

Seriously, who wouldn't want their morning cuppa in a mug they've decorated themselves... with boobs!

SO, what happens?

  • a whole lotta fun! but no really...
  • you arrive to a pre-made Boob mug made by us
  • you get access to all the underglazes you could want for creating your own unique design on
  • you genuinely do have a lot of fun
  • Es will also assist with any designs, visions or tips you need throughout the workshop and give you a step by step demonstration of the underglazing process (it's just like painting, don't worry)
  • You get a glass of wine on Karma and Us cause we think you're great (non alcoholic options available)
  • After the workshop, we then fire your piece one last time with a clear glaze, so that it's food and beverage safe for ya!


  • Date and Time: Friday August 12th, 2022, 7pm
  • Length: the workshops go for 1.5 hours
  • Location: Karma and Crow, Richmond Road, Richmond.
  • Accessibility: full accessibility, if you require an Auslan interpreter or have any sensory requirements please let us know. Carers attend and can participate for free. Email to let us know your needs.

Students get their decorated pieces back within 4-5 weeks of the workshop.

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