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Grandma's Wallpaper Mug

Grandma's Wallpaper Mug

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It's a glaze that just makes you go ooooft.

I developed this glaze combination as I was watching Minx (please watch it if you haven't, it's on STAN) and well, the 70s aesthetic is always dear to my heart. For those who have no idea what I'm on about, and yes I'll get back to the mug eventually, it's about the first Female Feminist magazine published in the 70s with a nude centrefold. It's brilliant and hilarious and mashes feminist ideals with the p*rn magazine industry in a brilliant setting of 70s wallpaper, mid century mod furniture and a wardrobe to gag over. So, these mugs are made to feel like the mug you'd find 70's feminist *orn magazine publishers office or your Grandma's wall paper. It's really what you take from it. Told you I'd get back to the mug.


Available in two handle styles. Hand built with my two little (they're kinda gangly actually) hands on Peramangk Land, SA.


Good ol' fashion hand-washing is always recommended for the longevity of ceramics, but these babies are dishwasher compatible.

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