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dream house candle: boyfriend girlfriend things

dream house candle: boyfriend girlfriend things

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If you do boyfriend/girlfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend, theyfriend/themfriend things, it doesn't really matter if you've all had that awkward moment of not knowing what the hell you're actually meant to do in a relationship, let alone when ya bits are made of plastic and Barbie's been told she's self sufficient her whole life and Ken doesn't really seem to have a job.

In anticipation of the most anticipated cultural moment of anyone's life really, we've made a candle that smells exactly how we think Barbie's dream house would. Hence the name of the title, haha, get it? Cause your house will smell like the dream house.

Clearly we've all got Barbie fever, and in this range, the scent is all the same. It's the label that's different. Consider it a Barbie with different outfits if you will.

In our mind anyway, Barbie's dream house smells like: berries, lemon zest and orange butter cream, peach nectar, candied apples, pink frosting, coconut, sugarcane, vanilla bean and musk lifesavers. It all comes together to smell like the childhood cupcake of your literal dreams, leaving your home smelling somewhere between a fruit salad and a pretty little fancy cake bakery you'd imagine Barbie would have all jobs at because Ken is well... just Ken and not the best baker (if you've heard the rumours).


These items are pre-orders to ensure that our footprint caused by limited edition items is minimal. Barbie candles will only be available until August 20th or until stocks last.

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