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DIY: Candle Making Kits

DIY: Candle Making Kits

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Learn the basics of candle making whilst you create your very own soy wax candle from home. The kit includes everything* you need to make your candle, other than a stove top, saucepan and heatproof jug or bowl.

Each kit comes with comprehensive instructions on how to prep your jar, melt the wax and pouring as well as some helpful tips for future candle making.


Kit includes:

  • instructions
  • candle safe glass jar
  • wick
  • stickum
  • wick stabiliser
  • warning label
  • 300gm of wax
  • 30ml fragrance
  • thermometer


The kits use 100% soy wax, low tox fragrances and are packaged using materials that have been recycled to minimise any unnecessary waste.

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