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See Someone Studio x Fencesitter

Denim It Up Like You're Britney At the VMAs at Hard Days Night

Denim It Up Like You're Britney At the VMAs at Hard Days Night

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Okay, so we all have that perfect pair of jeans that got a stain on it you can't get out that are still in your drawer, or a skirt that doesn't quite sit on your hips and could use something extra you know, or a hideous vest inherited from a relative waiting to be a streetwear moment... this is the fun upcycling, get your denim shit together workshop you've been waiting for.

What's to go:

  • we provide kind of everything you need, cool right?
  • bring your garments with you, clean please daarlings, and get ready to craft. highly recommend making a pinterest board of your vibe to reduce the creative overwhelm, it gets us all. 
  • paints, chains, embellishments, charms, beads for stitching or making belt chains, patches, needles and thread, even a sewing machine will be on hand for little projects, fabric off cuts, extras like tulle (that got you interested huh) 
  • ways to make it all washable after too
  • absolutely no glitter ever, sorry folks, ya'll can ruin your own spaces with that.
  • just book in by how many garments you want to snazzy up

we'll have a couple options on the day but really not much so come prepared folks. 

the session will run from 1-4pm, we recommend giving yourself the whole session to produce something you're really happy with.



Time - 1-4pm
Date - March 3rd, 2024
Location - Hard Days Night, 301 Wright Street Adelaide

Wheelchair accessible venue however toileting is restrictive, please contact us at if you have any needs for making your attendance safe and accessible.

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